The life of a butterfly. "When you see boundaries as opportunities the world become a limitless place in which you are capable.". Surgery date 11/10/09. The procedure removed a chin implant that had eroded into my jaw. Fractured mandible in 4 places to reconstruct with my own bone. Was asked to lose 25 lbs by my surgeon in the event that he would need to harvest my hip bone . Then 6 weeks before surgery was asked to gain 30 lbs to harvest abdominal fat to fill spaces left after tumor removal. Right nostril was moved and scar tissue removed from r nostril to open airway. The surgery left me without the ability to speak or eat. Communication was done through notepads and sharpies and with sign language. Throughout the many years of surgery, I have lost and regained every sense known to man including my sight, smell, taste, hearing, and speech. The series of photos document from 1 week prior to surgery through the healing process. The good, the bad, the sometimes funny. In the end, we all heal, it just takes patience.